Are you interested in attending one of our board meetings? Here's what you need to know...


Procedures for Open Board Meetings

Any church member may attend Foothills Community Church board meetings as an observer. Non-members are not permitted to attend. The following procedures must be followed.

Observers are welcome to come and we appreciate their interest in the management of the church. However, in order for the board to be able to operate efficiently, they are not permitted to speak or interject into the process in any way unless specifically requested by the board chair. They may be asked to agree to this when they join the meeting. They may also be asked to sit in a separate area.

If a church member wishes to address the board, s/he may request the opportunity to do so. Requests should be made directly to the board chair or vice-chair in writing no later than one week before the scheduled board meeting. If the chair agrees, the item will be added to the agenda. If the church member is not permitted to speak and believes s/he should still have opportunity to do so, s/he can submit a written letter to the board to be distributed at the next board meeting. Again, any such letter must be submitted no later than one week prior.

The board may additionally request the presence of church members or others to contribute to specific board agenda items. This may happen when the individual is leading a ministry, making a request of the board, or any number of reasons. The individual in this case will be free to interact with the board during their agenda item, but will not be permitted to interject into the work of the board on other agenda items.

Whenever confidential matters are addressed (this may include personnel, individuals requesting financial assistance, church finances, or family members of observers) observers will be asked to leave the room. We will make every effort to leave such issues until the end of the board meeting if they are likely to be lengthy. Observers will also not have access to financial reports or minutes. However, the budget is available to church members and redacted minutes will be made available upon request.

Foothills Community Church appreciates church members attending board meetings to observe. We value open processes. In order to facilitate attendance at board meetings, meetings will be announced for two weeks preceding the board meetings. From time to time, meetings times do change last minute. Members who plan on attending are asked to either check the church website calendar or confirm with a board member before attending.